It goes without saying that plants are a crucial component to any homes interior design and decorating theme. Designers and homeowners alike have been using plants to decorate their homes for ages, and it’s no mystery as to why. The lush, colorful foliage that plants can offer, provide a relaxing, endearing effect to any indoor environment, and added a layer of texture you might not find otherwise.

For busy homeowners, or those born without a green thumb, one of the better options comes in the form of artificial plants. While they don’t provide some of the more natural advantages you might see in real plants, they offer a ton of benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. Among the benefits include:

Some  may frown at the idea of fake plants, but the key is to find an artificial plant that doesn’t look artificial, or unnatural. In fact, many designers tend to layer their real plants with artificial ones, just to create the “feel” without the full responsibility of caring for multiple plants. And some of the best faux plants can be found on Amazon, where many have prime shipping available. Here’s our collection of some of the most realistic faux plants on Amazon:

Standing Faux Tree 

This free standing, small faux tree is a great way to add texture and foliage to your living space. The level of detail in each individual leaf is impressive, while the slender trunk looks attractive and less invasive than other similar plants. With over a thousand positive reviews and a label of Amazon’s choice for artificial plants, this one is a sure thing.

Sansevieria Snake Planter

Snake plants are all the rage on social media, blogs, and sites dedicated to home design. The slim, attractive lines, modern color tone, and easy maintenance make it a popular pick for those looking to decorate their home. This artificial snake plant on Amazon is as close to the real thing as you can find, and comes with a modern black planter to complete the look.

Round Succulent

Small, colorful, and realistic, this modern succulent lookalike is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Succulents are loved due to their low maintenance, unique shapes, and colorful patterns, and this plant is a nice assortment of the popular varieties of succulents you would find in any modern home.

Sometimes less is more. These modern mini succulent vases come in a set of 4, letting you decide how you want to arrange them. Simple with a minimalist touch, these look great on floating wood shelves, coffee tables, or delicately arranged on a window sill. Each vase comes with little artificial pebbles over dirt, providing a more realistic look.

Glass Centerpiece Displa


For a more creative twist on the standard plant vase, this unique, cone shaped glass vase is a more out of the box faux plant option. Adorned with small, colorful succulents ranging in hues from green to purple, they sit atop a delicate bed of fake pebbles and a light, much less messy faux sand.

Wood Box Planter 

There’s nothing more timeless than the look of natural wood, and this planter box combines the wood and plant elements effortlessly. The square, rustic wood box is distinctive and has an almost DIY style feel to it, while the faux succulents add a nice texture and pop that draws attention.

Artificial Glass Pot Trio


One of the most realistic artificial plants on Amazon, these set of 3 faux plants add a nice touch to any home or office setting. Large enough to draw attention, yet compact enough to store anywhere, these colorful taro, lotus, and clover plants come with a charming pebble base to add some authenticity to the aesthetic.