We can all probably agree that working from home is a wonderful thing, for those of us lucky enough to have it. Getting stuff done at work, as well as the house, is a privilege we should all be able to enjoy.

But working from home isn’t always rosy. There are more distractions, and things to keep your mind occupied, instead of actually working. One of the most simple, basic steps you can do to create a clear, comfortable working space, is to organize your desktop. Take all those books, pens, staplers and other miscellaneous objects and organize them neatly for a clear peace of mind.

Here are some of the best desktop organizers out there:

beige wood desktop organizer

Adjustable Natural Wood Desktop Organizer

Simple, modern, yet fashionably stylish, this natural wood beige colored desktop organizer adds both style and organization to any space. The unique design creates ample space for you to store all sorts of items from mugs, to books, desk caddies, and more. 

Dual layer chalkboard organizer
Double Chalkboard Label Tower Tray Organizer