Artificial Saguaro Cactus Plant in Round Gray Cement Planter Pot

Southwestern plant decor without any of the upkeep! This 12 inch tall artificial saguaro cactus comes with a gray cement planter, making it an easy decor item for any space. Without any need for upkeep. water, or sun, this planter can be easily placed on any shelf, desk or tabletop surface wherever needed.

Add some realistic looking artificial plant life to your space!

Product Features:

  • 12 inch artificial Saguaro cactus potted in a gray cement planter pot
  • With faux pebble soil for a realistic look
  • Does not require watering or sunlight to stay looking fresh and vibrant
  • Saguaro cactus plant complements Southwestern style decors
  • Great for busy environments, even decor or everyday use
  • Dimensions (in inches): 12.25 H x 3.25 Diameter
  • $14.99