Round Silver 10 inch Galvanized Metal Hanging Planter w/ Thick Jute Rope

Enjoy having plant life in your home or patio with this galvanized metal hanging planter. Save space by easily hanging your planter with a thick jute rope from any walls, fences, or veranda uprights. Perfect for holding vibrant succulents or lush floral arrangements to enliven any room or outdoor setting. This rustic country style hanging planter will give life to any living space. 

Product Features:

  • Silver 10-inch galvanized metal hanging planter is great for having plant life without the waste of space
  • Features a thick jute rope to hang your planter from any wall, fence, or trellises 
  • Perfect for holding vibrant succulents or vibrant plants(Plants not included)
  • Rustic country style will go well with any home decor
  • Approximate Dimensions: 10.1 L x 10.1 W x 6 H (in inches)