16 Inch Silver Galvanized Metal Oval Serving Tray with Copper Tone Rim & Handles

Your party guests will be impressed with the rustic accent this silver galvanized metal oval serving tray brings to your home with its copper tone rim and handles. Its large, 16 inch size provides a spacious surface area for carrying coffee, tea, cocktails, or appetizers, and includes handles to easily move the tray around the room and serve your guests. This decorative tray also can be used to provide contrast as a display tray for plants, jewelry, trinkets and much more. Whether used to serve your guests, deliver breakfast in bed, or used purely for decoration, this rustic tray is very versatile in its function.

Product Features:

  • With side handles for you to grip, you can easily carry the tray around the room
  • Use this tray on your vanity for jewelry and toiletries or on any tabletop surface to feature plant life, keepsakes and other decorative items
  • This 16 inch rustic silver galvanized metal oval serving tray features a copper tone rim and handles
  • Perfect for serving cocktails, appetizers, snacks and other food and beverages

Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 2.75 H x 9.75 D x 16.25 W (with Handles)