32 Inch Freestanding Scarf Rack, Black 4 Tier Silk Scarf, Neck Tie Display Stand

Display your scarves, belts, neckties, and other fashion accessories in modern style with this matte black metal freestanding garment rack. Four separate tiers allow you to hang a variety of items in one place for your personal collection or in a retail setting. The matte black metal finish and minimalist design of this stand allow you to easily incorporate this stand into any home closet, laundry room, or in a boutique. Not only can this display stand be used for scarves and other accessories, it makes a wonderful towel rack in your bathroom, spa, or pool area as well. With so many uses and modern style, this 4 tier floor standing black metal scarf rack can be easily incorporated into any design setting anywhere in your home.

Product Features:

  • Featuring a stable freestanding design, you can display this scarf rack in your home closet, bedroom, laundry room, or retail setting
  • Floor standing rack can be used for towels in your bathroom, spa or pool area as well
  • The 32 inch freestanding scarf and garment accessory organizer rack features a matte black finish and durable metal construct
  • The 4 separate tiers are ideal for hanging scarves, belts, neck ties, clothing, and other accessories to be neatly stored and displayed

Approximate Dimensions: 32.3 H x 18.1 W x 12.4 D; Between Tiers - 5.2 H (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized

Regular Price, $28.99