4 Piece Gray Embossed White Floral Pattern Bathroom Accessory Set with Soap Dish, Tumbler, Toothbrush Holder and Pump Dispenser

Add beautiful design and sophisticated storage to your bathroom countertop with this set of 4 bathroom accessories. Each piece features a round bulb design with gray finish and white embossed floral design for adding both a modern touch and cohesive design to your bathroom décor.

Ideal for any main bathroom, guest bath, or powder room, this set includes a liquid soap or lotion pump dispenser, a 2 section toothbrush holder, tumbler and soap dish. The soap dish can be used to keep jewelry or small cosmetics when getting ready in the morning, while the rounded tumbler can double as a vase, disposable cup holder or even for keeping Q-tips or cotton balls. With this elegant floral pattern bathroom accessory set, the possibilities are endless.

Product Features:

  • Round tumbler can be used for keeping other toiletry items, disposable paper cups or even adding flowers or stems for a cohesive bathroom décor and the soap dish can double has a jewelry or cosmetic holder
  • Each piece is made of durable and solid resin material that helps avoid rusting, chipping, and molding in bathroom settings
  • This 4 piece modern gray countertop bathroom accessory set with rounded design and elegant white embossed floral pattern is great for creating a put-together look in your main, guest, or powder room bathroom
  • Set includes 1 liquid soap or lotion pump dispenser, 1 rounded tumbler, 1 sectioned toothbrush holder and 1 round soap dish

Approximate Dimensions: Pump Dispenser - 5.9 H x 3.9 Diameter; Toothbrush Holder - 3.0 H x 3.4 Diameter; Tumbler - 2.9 H x 3.7 Diameter; Soap Dish - 0.8 H x 4.4 Diameter (in inches)

Regular Price, $18.99