5 Piece Japanese Style Sake Set Gray Artistic Floral Accent Ceramic, Decanter Carafe and 4 Sake Cups

Drink and serve sake in traditional style with this 5 piece ceramic Japanese sake set with a gray glazed finish, artistic floral accent, and rustic dark brown rims. This decorative set includes a 6-inch tall sake pot carafe decanter and four 2-oz shot glasses. The sake bottle has a body-groove design for easy gripping and pouring. Keep your sake at the right temperature by heating the bottle in warm water for serving it hot, or simply fill the carafe with chilled rice wine to serve cold. Whether at home or in a restaurant setting, this gray ceramic Japanese sake set with blue floral accent is an elegant way to serve your guests.

Product Features:

  • Heat the bottle in warm water for hot sake or serve cold, the dimpled body-grooved design of the carafe makes holding and pouring simple
  • 4 2oz shot glass cups allow you to share your sake in style while serving guests in your home or in a restaurant setting
  • Ceramic Japanese sake set with gray glazed finish, blue floral design accents and rustic dark brown distressed rim, includes sake pot carafe and four shot glasses and is ideal for serving or drinking rice wine
  • Beautiful floral design makes this set attractive as a decorative accent that will bring tradition and elegance to any table

Approximate Dimensions: Sake Carafe Bottle - 2.8 L x 2.6 W x 6.2 H; Sake Cups - 1.6 H x 1.8 Diameter (in inches)