Acacia Wood Kitchen Countertop Bread Box, Loaf Holder with Clear Acrylic Window, Decorative Cursive Bread Label

Store your bread while adding style to your kitchen with this premium acacia wood countertop bread holder storage box. Featuring a clear acrylic viewing window with decorative "Bread" with cursive lettering, the box allows you to easily see what your box holds. The magnetic front door lets you easily retrieve baked goods, while keeping them fresh for longer. Wonderful for storing bread, muffins, bagels, cookies, croissants, and any other delicious baked goods, this bread container box fits on your countertop to cut down on clutter, while adding contemporary design to your bread storage.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for storing fresh loaves of bread, muffins, croissants, bagels, and a variety of other baked goods
  • Hinged front magnetic door allows you to easily retrieve baked goods inside this rustic bread container, while keeping them fresh for longer
  • The large bread box is made of premium acacia solid wood, which is ideal for kitchen countertop storage of bread for your home, café, or bakery
  • Clear acrylic panel window features cursive lettering with the word "Bread" on it to identify exactly what is inside

Approximate Dimensions: 15.7 L x 11.7 W x 6.0 H (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized