Artificial Grass in Modern Gray Cement Planter, Set of 3

These artificial grass plants in modern gray cement planter pots will bring lovely, realistic looking plant greenery and modern decorative accent to any room of your home or office!

Without any need for maintenance, dirt, or sunlight, this set of 3 grass plants will stay green and look healthy, while their small size allows them to be conveniently displayed on any desk, table, shelf, or counter top surface. Perfect for staging your home for a sale or adding some greenery to your office or busy household!

Product Features:

  • Set of 3 tabletop faux grass greenery plants, potted in modern gray cement planter pots
  • Does not require watering, sunlight or any additional maintenance to keep grass fresh and lively
  • Great for adding contemporary decoration and lush plant greenery to any area of your home or office
  • Small footprint takes up minimal space on desk, table, shelf and counter top surfaces while adding luscious plant life
  • Dimensions (in inches): Overall - 8.0 H x 3.5 Diameter; Pots - 3.25 H x 3.5 Diameter
  • $31.99