Artificial Topiary Trees in White Planter Pots, Set of 2

With this set of 2 artificial topiary trees in white planter pots it is easy to add low-maintenance greenery to any space! 

Each tree is constructed with durable plastic. Natural features like flowers and leaves attached to a central trunk create an incredible lifelike look, while artificial coverings at the base of each plant adds an extra touch of decorative flair. Artificial plants require no watering, sunlight or fertilizer, making these faux trees perfect for busy spaces!

Whether brightening up your home or office environment, these faux topiary plants are an excellent choice.

Product Features:

  • Set of 2 artificial topiary tree plants in white plastic planter pots
  • Enjoy plant beauty without having to worry about mess or providing them water and additional maintenance
  • Perfect for adding decorative accents to your home or office
  • Takes up minimal space on desk, table and counter top surfaces
  • Dimensions (in inches): 12.25 H x 5.0 Diameter