Black Marble Design and Brass Accented Round Ceramic Kitchen Cooking Utensil Holder Crock

Create stylish storage in any space, while saving valuable drawer space, with this cylindrical black marble patterned utensil holders with striped brass accent. The round shape provides plenty of space for your cooking tools and is perfect for holding cooking or dining utensils. The tabletop design allows you to simply place this canister in any convenient spot on your counter or other tabletop surfaces to start filling with your spatulas, ladles, serving utensils, whisks, and wooden spoons. The modern black marble with brass accent will complement multiple décor styles and bring a touch of contemporary sophistication to any setting. This versatile ceramic storage crock can also be used for storing paint brushes, art supplies, and much more anywhere in your home. Keep your kitchen utensils beautifully stored and easily accessible with this black marble cooking tools crock with brass accent.

Product Features:

  • Simply place on your kitchen countertop to save drawer space and keep your cooking tools easily accessible and right where you need them
  • Modern black marble and brass stripes accent will provide stylish storage and complement many different settings while adding contemporary sophistication to any space
  • Cylindrical black marble patterned ceramic utensil and cooking tools crock with deluxe brass striped accent will add a touch of modern glam to any countertop or table
  • Round shape provides plenty of room to store your spatulas, ladles, serving utensils, and wooden spoons, also great for storing art supplies like paint brushes, markers, and more

Approximate Dimensions: 7.0 H x 5.4 Diameter (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized