Brown Wood and Black Acrylic Office Desktop Stationery Organizer, Supplies Organizer

Elevate your workspace with the contemporary charm of our spinning wooden desktop organizer. Crafted from sturdy solid wood, its rustic burnt brown finish exudes warmth. This organizer boasts three built-in slots, accommodating pens, pencils, markers, and artistic tools. The removable black acrylic holder perfectly fits 3-inch square self-adhesive memo pads, ensuring quick note-taking. Its 360-degree turntable base offers easy access to every corner, making it a stylish yet practical addition to any desk. Ideal for students, professionals, and creatives seeking an organized and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Product Features:

A dynamic spinning wooden organizer for desks – combines functionality with style.

Three compartments cater to diverse stationery – pens, pencils, markers, brushes, and more.

Easily accessible black acrylic container for 3-inch self-adhesive memo pads.

Crafted from solid wood with a rustic burnt brown finish, features a 360-degree rotating base for seamless access and aesthetic appeal. Comes with bottom foot pads for surface protection.

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 5.8 L x 5.8 W x 5.7 H; Sticky Note Holder - 3.3 L x 3.3 W x 1.5 H; Each Taller Slot - 2.4 L x 1.7 W x 4.5 H; Shorter Slot - 4.5 L x 1.7 W x 3.3 H (in inches)

Regular Price, $34.99