Crystal Whiskey Tasting Snifter Tumbler Glasses Gift Box, Set of 4

Your best drink deserves the best glass...

The unique tulip shape of these snifter whiskey glasses allow you to savor each pour of your favorite whiskey or scotch. The wide-base lets you swirl and add oxygen to your drink, further enhancing the taste and smell of each sip.

Each glass in this set features a clear crystal construct, adding another element of sophistication. These glasses a perfect addition to your drinkware at home. Sturdy enough for restaurant use.

Product features:

  • Four transparent crystal whiskey glasses with tapered top
  • Set of 4 tulip shaped whiskey glasses
  • Perfect for serving and drinking whiskey on the rocks, making cocktails or sipping on neat whiskey
  • Ideal for adding to your barware at home, restaurant or bar
  • Does not include Whiskey, Bourbon or Scotch.
  • Dimensions (in inches): Each Glass - 4.0 H X 3.5 Diameter
  • SKU: TB-KIT0736CLR

No matter if you enjoy your whiskey neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail: With this set of four classic whiskey glasses you are sure to keep it classy!