Dark Brown Wood Retail Display Risers, Set of 3

Showcase your products, jewelry, decor, and bakery items with this dark brown vintage wood riser display!

With their 7 inch wide size, they provide ample space for displaying cakes, jewelry pieces, keepsakes, potted plants, and other small items. Each riser features a stylish dark brown wood finish which will provide stylish contrast while making sure the focus stays on the items that you are showcasing. These versatile stands can be arranged in a cascading tiered arrangement, or used individually. When not in use, the nesting design allows for easy storage!

With a rustic design, they are a great fit for vintage and farmhouse spaces.

Product Features:

  • Set of 3 dark brown wood retail display risers great for displaying products or decorative items in a home or commercial setting
  • 7-inch wide planks provide space for displaying pastries, jewelry, pottery, and other small items
  • Set can be displayed together in a tiered arrangement or used individually as needed
  • Dark brown finish and dovetail joints add durability and rustic charm to your displays
  • Dimensions (in inches): Small - 16.5 W x 7.0 D x 4.0 H; Medium - 18.5 W x 7.0 D x 5.0 H; Large - 22.25 W x 7.0 D x 7.0 H