Dark Gray Concrete Planter with Drainage Tray and "LOVE" Text

Featuring dark gray cement material with white lettering "LOVE", the minimalist planter pots can stylishly display vibrant plants around your home. The cute flower planter includes a drainage hole to promote healthy plant life and drain excess water. This flower pot will be a perfect choice to display your vibrant plants on a desk, shelf, table, windowsill or countertop surface. They can also add an eye-catching centerpiece to your outdoor patio, or even as a way to complement your existing plants in your garden area. The distinctively dark gray concrete design will bring a warm atmosphere and minimalist look to your living space, as well as highlight your home decor well.

Product Features:

  • Features a drainage hole to allow water to pass through the soil to keep plants healthy the pot also includes a drainage tray so that you can display plants on desk, table, shelf, windowsill and counter top surfaces while preventing water leakage
  • The dark gray cement design seamlessly blends with a wide range of contemporary home and office decors
  • The dark gray concrete flower pot planter features a drainage tray and decorative white text "LOVE"
  • This pot is ideal for use with small flowers, herbs and succulents
  • Plants not included

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 6.8 H x 5.2 Diameter; Planter - 6.2 H x 5.2 Diameter; Tray - 0.9 H x 5.25 Diameter, Opening - 4.7 Diameter (in inches)