Decorative Round Gray Cement Succulent Planter Pot Bowls, Small and Large Set with Drainage Hole

Allow your plants to shine, while adding minimalist modern décor, with these round gray cement planter bowls. Coming in a set of two, these large and small identical planter pots are perfect for creating a cohesive look on your patio, porch, table, shelf, or desk. Small drainage holes allow water to naturally drain through the soil, making them ideal for a variety of succulents, flowers, herbs and other greenery to be potted. Perfect for any indoor or outdoor setting, these round planter pot bowls bring vibrant plant life to any space.

Product Features:

  • Each plant bowl includes a small drainage hole to allow water to naturally drain helping promote healthy plant life and prevent over watering
  • Four bottom foot pads help protect surfaces allowing these planters to be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Large and small decorative round cement gray succulent planter bowls are perfect for adding vibrant plant life to your home, patio, porch, or office
  • 6 inch and 8 inch size planters are perfect for a variety of succulents, herbs, flowers, and other greenery to be easily planted and displayed

Approximate Dimensions: Small - 2.4 H x 6.3 Diameter; Large - 2.8 H x 8.1 Diameter (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized

  • $36.99