Dual-Bar Kitchen Countertop Dishcloth Drying Rack with 2 Sponge Hooks

No more leaving wet rags crumpled in the sink or hanging awkwardly on the faucet head. Keep your kitchen counter space clean, while quick-drying your dishcloths with this convenient and simple freestanding drying rack. The minimal design makes it easy to hang sponges, wash cloths, dish cloths, and drying rags, while freeing up your countertop for more important things.

Product Features:

  • Air out not just one, but multiple towels with this rack, while the 2 hooks allow fast drying for mugs, sponges, and more
  • Made from durable metal in a sleek black finish, the slim profile of this rack provides an easy way to dry out your cloths and free up clutter
  • This convenient towel rack stays on countertops conveniently to help air dry and keep your washcloth clean
  • Minimalist in design, this rack is perfectly sized to keep near your kitchen or bathroom sink with no need to waste precious counter space

Approximate Dimensions: 9.75 L x 4.00 W x 11.95 H (in inches)