Freestanding Black Metal Hat Rack and Wig Holder Storage Display Stand

Show off your hats and wigs in style with this freestanding display stand. Made of metal with a classic black finish, this dresser top display rack features a metal frame at the top that is sculpted into a dome to help your hats and wigs retain their shape even while not in use. The artistically-curved central pole and the round metal base help keep this rack (and your hat or wig) stable and upright, and the classic black finish fits in beautifully with any decor. For a stylish way to show off and store your hats and wigs, this freestanding display rack is the perfect choice. 

Product Features:

  • The metal frame at the top is sculpted into a dome shape to help your hats and wigs keep their shape when not in use
  • With a curved metal pole and round metal base, this hat and wig stand is kept sturdy and upright
  • This freestanding hat and wig display stand features a classic black finish
  • Made of heavy duty metal

Approximate Dimensions: 6.5" W X 13.5" H X 6.5" D