Mini Cube Shaped Succulent Plants, Set of 4

Small planters, big effect: This set of 4 mini planters offers the modern design of cube shaped planters and the beauty of plant life without any upkeep needed!

Each synthetic plant in this set of 4 is a different type of succulent, from a small and pointy-leafed plant to a succulent with large, rounded leaves. All four of the faux plants come housed in a small, white ceramic plant pot filled with multicolored pebbles. 

A wonderful decor add addition to any space!

Product Features:

  • A set of 4 small ceramic planter pots housing a total of 4 different artificial succulent plants
  • Brings the beauty and natural-looking greenery of succulent plants into your space without the mess or maintenance
  • Perfect for decorating any space in your home or office
  • Dimensions (in inches): Small Spiky Plant - 2.25 W X 2.5 H X 2.25 D; Long Pointed Leaf Plant - 2.25 W X 3.5 H X 2.25 D; Small Rounded Leaf Plant - 2.75 W X 3.25 H X 2.5 D; Large Rounded Leaf Plant - 2 W X 3.5 H X 2 D
  • $15.99