Minimalist Dark Gray Metal Wire Tabletop Succulent Planter Pot

Featuring a dark gray metal planter pot and unique metal wire frame, this planter pot is perfect for displaying and highlighting any succulent or other plant. Great for home or office setting, this minimalist design will stand out simply and elegantly when displayed. Featuring an airtight pot, this planter will eliminate the risk of spills as you display your plants cleanly in your space.

Product Features:

  • Ideal for any home or office, the grey metal planter pot will be sure to complement any décor
  • The wire surrounding this pot frames the planter and whatever greenery you choose to display
  • This planter pot features no drainage hole to keep your surfaces clean and dry
  • Minimalist in design, this metal planter pot and wire frame offer a simple yet elegant decorative aesthetic

Approximate Dimensions: 13.3 H x 5.1 W x 8.9 D (in inches)