Purple Blossom Artificial Bonsai Tree w/ White Plant Pot

Enjoy eye-catching plant life without the mess!

This artificial Bonsai tree with white planter pot will add a splash of blossoming purple to your desk or counter space. Lifelike without needing any water, dirt, or other maintenance, this 10 inch faux plant is perfect for busy spaces or offices.

Give this treasure as a warm gift for a housewarming or wedding event, or keep it in your own home for its charm and elegance!

Product Features:

  • A flowering purple artificial bonsai tree for bringing outdoor charm indoors
  • Comes with a white geometric pot and realistic substrate
  • Use to brighten up your desk, bookshelf, coffee table, or elsewhere around your home or office
  • Dimensions (in inches): 9.5 W X 9.75 H X 3.25 D
  • $13.99