Rectangular White Ceramic Succulent Planter w/ Tray & 3.5 lbs Small White Pebbles

Keep your plants healthy and add modern decor to any space! This rectangular white ceramic planter is perfect to display your favorite flowers or succulents and will brighten up any living space and brings everything you need to keep your favorite succulents healthy: In addition to the 10 inch rectangular modern planter pot, this set comes with a drainage tray and 3.5 lbs small white pebbles.

Perfect for displaying lovely flowers and succulents, this set will make it easy to add greenery to your home or office! **Plants not included**

Product Features:

  • 10 inch rectangular modern white ceramic planter pot with removable drainage tray, ideal for any home or office decor
  • Perfect for displaying lovely flowers, succulents, herbs and other plants that require pebble soil **Plants not included**
  • Includes 3.5 lbs pack of decorative white pebbles which can be used to line the bottom of the planter pot for decoration; pebbles provide a solid white background without any glare
  • Features a drainage hole to allow water to pass through the soil to keep plants healthy; removable drainage tray allows you to display the pot on a desk, table shelf or counter tops while protecting sensitive surfaces from water leakage
  • Dimensions (in inches): Overall - 3.5 H x 10.0 W x 4.5 D