Classic Brass-Tone Rotating Hourglass

This decorative hourglass screams "vintage"!

Featuring an elegant brass-tone wrought iron metal frame and a rotating hourglass with white sand, it is the perfect decor accessory for your home, office, or retail environment.

Rotate the clear glass body to watch white sand run smoothly through the hourglass for approximately 60 minutes. A mesmerizing and calming experience!

Product Features:

  • Elegant and classy home and office decor
  • Brass-tone construct and clear hourglass
  • Easily rotates to allow the white sand to smoothly sift through the hourglass
  • Decorative Tabletop Time
  • For decorative use only; not intended as a reliable instrument for measuring time
  • Dimensions (in inches): 12.4 H X 6.3 W X 5.9 D 
  • $29.99