Rustic Galvanized Metal Kitchen Sponge Holder Tray with SPONGE Cursive Writing

This must-have kitchen accessory will make washing dishes a breeze! This rustic sponge holder adds that special flair to any decor while keeping it tidy and well put together. Add country-style charm with this sink sponge caddy and kitchen sink organizer for your kitchen counter. Our galvanized metal kitchen sponge holder and drainer will keep your sponge clean while drying and help with disinfecting. No more sifting through your dirty dishes to find your sponge or scrubbers!

Product Features:

  • Keep your sink space neat and tidy by putting your scrubbers and sponges in this decorative sponge holder
  • Our dish and sponge holder makes a perfect present for those who want to add some warm country charm to their home
  • This kitchen sponge holder is functional and unique with cursive writing "Sponge" on it; this sponge holder will add the perfect amount of nostalgic charm and warmth to your counter or sink area
  • No need to sift through your dirty dishes to find your sponge anymore. This sink sponge holder will keep your sponge clean and dry, all while adding a rustic touch to your kitchen

Approximate Dimensions: 3.54 L x 1.57 W x 2.44 H (In Inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized