Japanese Sake Set with Warmer Ceramic Blue Floral Design

Did you know...

That the correct term for rice wine in Japan is nihonshu or "Wine of Japan"?

This traditional ceramic sake set with warmer will let you bring your own traditions into your home! With 1 serving carafe, 1 warming container, 1 tea light holder and 4 small cups, this set is perfectly sized for entertaining friends on a cold afternoon or after dinner. Beautiful blue flowers and leaves adorn warmer. bottle and cups, creating a quaint and tranquil atmosphere. 

A great gift for lovers or Asian culture!

Product Features:

  • A decorative traditional hot sake serving set made of ceramic, featuring an elegant blue and white floral design
  • Set includes 4 small sake cups, 1 serving carafe, 1 warming container, and 1 tea light holder
  • Perfect for warming up on a cold afternoon or entertaining your dinner guests on special occasions
  • Approximate Dimensions (in inches): Carafe - 5 H X 1.5 Diameter; Shot Glasses (each) - 1.75 H X 2 Diameter; Warming Mug - 3.5 H X 4 Diameter; Candle Holder - 2.5 H X 4 Diameter