5 Inch Blue & White Japanese Style Wave Ceramic Planter with Removable Bamboo Tray, Set of 2

These Japanese style blue and white wave design planter pots are an marvelous way to add plant life to your living space. Ideal for use with flowers, succulents and cacti, each pot includes a drainage hole to prevent overwatering and the removable bamboo drip tray prevents leakage onto tabletop surfaces. Their small size lends well to display on desks, tables and windowsills, or even out in your garden area with your other plants.

Product Features:

  • With a drainage hole, water passes through the soil, and the removable bamboo tray helps to catch excess water
  • The small size makes it easy to store on a desk, table, windowsill or counter top surface
  • Each of these 2 ceramic planter pots have a removable bamboo drip tray and Japanese style blue & white wave design **Plants not included**
  • These pots are great for use with flowers, cacti, succulents and other plant life

SPECS: 4.5 H x 5.0 Diameter (in inches)

  • $31.99