Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet Decorative Bookends, Set of 2

Display distinctive Egyptian decoration with these Bastet cat goddess bookends. Each of the bookends is an elegantly-crafted statue of the cat goddess Bastet, and are excellent for storing your books, magazines, and DVDs. Store them on your shelf, table, or mantle and add exquisite Egyptian art to your home or business.

Product Features:

  • The small size of these bookends is ideal for placement on shelves, desks, mantles, counter tops, and coffee tables
  • Incredibly versatile, these bookends are great for use in your home, library, or book shop
  • This stylish set of 2 decorative ancient Egyptian cat goddess Bastet bookends features a resin construction
  • Ideal for displaying books, magazines, and DVDs, these bookends add decorative flair

Approximate Dimensions: Each - 4.25 W x 3.75 D x 8.0 H (in inches)

  • $26.99