Stove Top White Ceramic Spoon Rest with Beaded Design, Set of 2

Your counters and stove top will stay clean while cooking with this set of 2 ceramic spoon rests. Featuring a distressed glazed finish with beaded design, these rests easily hold any spoon, spatula or whisk while baking or cooking. The large indent on each spoon rest allows the drippings to be kept in one easy to clean place.

Product Features:

  • With large indented dishes, these utensil rests help keep drips from any counter top or stove top
  • Featuring a decorative design, each rest has a white glazed finish
  • The set of 2 decorative ceramic kitchen spoon rests are great for cooking utensils
  • Hand wash recommended

Approximate Dimensions: 8.5 W x 4.5 D x 1.5 H (in inches)

Regular Price, $20.99