Vintage Gray Wood Trays with Antique Metal Corners and Handles, Set of 2

Ideal for breakfast in bed and for serving coffee, tea, and snacks to your guests, these grey wood trays are an excellent addition to your home. Featuring a distinctive vintage gray wood finish with antique metal corners, these trays can be used as decorative centerpieces for your coffee table or ottoman, and include handles on the sides which allow for easy carrying.

Product Features:

  • The metal side handles allow for trays to be easily carried from room to room
  • The vintage gray wood construction and antique metal corners complement rustic and country-themed decors
  • This set of 2 vintage gray wood trays is perfect for serving appetizers and drinks to guests, and also for breakfast in bed
  • Each tray can be used as a decorative display for jewelry and keepsakes on your ottoman or coffee table

Approximate Dimensions: Large - 16.6 W x 11.6 D x 2.3 H, Interior - 14.5 W x 10.6 D x 1.8 H; Small - 14.3 W x 9.4 D x 1.9 H, Interior - 12 W x 8.5 D x 1.4 H; Handles - 2.4 W (in inches)

Regular Price, $31.99