Clear Acrylic Riser Display Stands, Rectangle Cupcake Stand Dessert Rack, Collectible Figures Shelves, Set of 3

Display your finest jewelry, culinary creations, collectible figures and so much more with this set of 3 clear acrylic display riser stands. Featuring three cascading tiers, and different sized risers, allow for multiple displays of a variety of items. Premium clear acrylic construct creates a transparent display, cutting down on noise and distraction for your displayed items. These riser stands are perfect for displaying a variety of items in your home, office, or retail setting. Keep cosmetics, nail polish and makeup in your bathroom or salon. Display your trophies, figurines, collectibles and knickknacks in your bedroom or office. Place cupcakes, pastries, and other appetizers and desserts at your next party, event and buffet. No matter where you utilize these acrylic risers, they will bring a modern touch to your displays and storage.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for a variety of uses such as collectible figures, desserts, makeup, retail merchandise, jewelry, cosmetics, and so much more
  • Premium clear acrylic design allows for a see-through display, bringing less distraction to your items allowing them to be the main focus
  • Set of 3 rectangular premium clear acrylic display riser rack stands for home, events, boutique, bakery, retail, or tradeshow displays
  • 3 cascading tiers allow you to visually see all items on each shelf, while giving you modern touch to your display

Approximate Dimensions: Large - 4.1 H x 11.7 W x 5.0 D; Medium - 3.1 H x 9.7 W x 5.0 D; Small - 2.4 H x 7.8 W x 5.0 D (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized

  • $18.99