Modern Cement Grey and Gold-Tone Trim Hanging Wall Planters, Set of 3

Bring modern elegance and durable functionality to any outdoor or indoor setting with these stunning hanging planters. Perfect for succulents, greenery, flowers or fresh herbs these gold rimmed cement plant containers are a great addition to any space. Easily hung from a twisted jute rope, each planter contains a flat back to allow pots to lay securely against any wall surface or fence. These small hanging planter cups will bring invigorating color and modern sophisticated style to any setting!

Product Features:

  • Planters can hold succulents, flowers or herbs (plants and flowers not included
  • Twisted jute rope and flat back allows planters to be easily hung from walls, fences, or trellises
  • Set of 3 wall-hanging planter cups
  • Unfinished gray clay material with gold trim

Approximate Dimensions: Pot - 4.3 W × 4.1 D × 3.5 H; Hanging - 14.5 H (in inches)