Round White Marble and Chipped Gold Accent Serving Trays, Set of 3

Beautiful and functional, these marble and gold chipped accent display trays will bring modern elegance to any setting. With three sizes and so many uses, these trays will become a staple item in your home, retail space, or restaurant. Use as a vanity tray in your bedroom or bathroom, a riser under candles, or even as a cheese platter at your next party. The non-slip feet on the bottom of each tray protects the surfaces they are on and ensures they won't slide. Whether you are displaying perfumes, merchandise, or food, these round marble trays with chipped gold rimming have a glamorous modern style that will bring unique design to any space.

Product Features:

  • Use each tray as a cheese platter or dessert tray at your next party, a riser under candles or décor, or even as a vanity tray in your bedroom or bathroom
  • Non-slip feet on the bottom of each tray ensures they won't slide while protecting any surface they are place on
  • This set of 3 various sized, modern round white marble serving display tray risers features chipped gold accents
  • Display perfumes, merchandise, or food in your home, retail space, or restaurant on these display trays

Approximate Dimensions: Large Tray - 0.4 H x 8.0 Diameter; Medium Tray - 0.4 H x 5.9 Diameter; Small Tray - 0.4 H x 3.9 Diameter (in inches)