Wall-Mounted Torched Wood Shadow Boxes, Hexagon Display Shelves, Set of 3

Display your keepsakes, family photos, potted plants or collectibles in these honeycomb hexagonal style shelves for organization and added wall art. Three geometric shadow boxes range from large to small, allowing you to mount them, with proper mounting hardware, in a variety of ways on your wall. A torched wood and whitewash finish creates a rustic appeal all its own. Since these floating shelves can go almost anywhere you can easily hang them in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, nursery, bathroom or office for added contemporary decor.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for displaying memorabilia, collectibles, potted plants and more, these display shelves are a great decorative backdrop for your favorite items
  • Each shadow box easily mounts to most flat wall spaces using appropriate hardware
  • These wooden geometric wall shelves feature a torched wood finish
  • The three different sized hexagonal shape floating shelves can be hung together collage style or separately

Approximate Dimensions: Large -12.75 H x 14.5 W x 5.5 D; Medium - 11.0 H x 11.5 W x 4.75 D; Small - 9.25 H x 10.75 W x 4.0 D (in inches)