Brass Tone Metal Nesting Buffet Food or Retail Display Risers, Set of 4

Create the perfect tabletop displays starting with this set of 3 modern brass tone metal nesting display risers. Four separate riser stands make a cohesive design on any tabletop buffet for desserts and appetizers while giving each platform a different height, allowing your eye to easily scan each item when filling your plate. The geometric wire base and brass tone finish add a modern touch to your displays at any wedding, party or event. Not only can these nesting display risers feature food, they are great for any retail setting for jewelry, makeup, and more at any boutique, craft fair or retail setting. Allow your food or retail items to shine with these metallic gold modern design display risers.

Product Features:

  • Display stands are perfect for creating retail displays with jewelry, figurines, makeup, perfume, in any boutique, craft fair, or retail setting
  • When placed together, the risers’ cascading tiers allow you to view items at different levels while creating a cohesive look on your tabletop; Nesting design makes simple storage
  • These modern metal nesting buffet table food or retail display risers feature a geometric metal wire design and brass tone finish
  • The tabletop risers make wonderful food display platforms for cupcakes, pastries, cookies, cheeses, and other desserts and appetizers at any party, event, or wedding

Approximate Dimensions: Large - 5.8 H x 7.3 W x 5.6 D; Medium - 3.9 H x 7.3 W x 5.6 D; Small - 2.9 H x 7.3 W x 5.6 D; Extra Small - 2.0 H x 7.3 W x 5.6 D; Each Riser Top - 5.9 W x 4.3D (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized

  • $41.99