Rustic Gray Wood Desktop Mail Sorter with Pen & Pencil Drawer

Keep incoming and outgoing letters, as well as envelopes and advertising postcards neatly organized at home or in the office with this rustic wood mail sorter. Featuring 3 slots to separate mail by destination or keep printed envelopes or flyers organized, this desktop letter sorter takes up minimal space on a desk or counter yet can keep several supplies needed in easy reach. A drawer at the bottom provides an ideal place for pens, pencils, tape, paper clips, and other office essentials, making this handy organizer an essential accessory for a stylish and efficient workspace.

SPECS: 6.9 H × 13 W × 4.1 L; Letter Slots - 3.9 - 4.9 H × 12.3 W × 0.7 L; Drawer Interior - 1 H × 12 W × 3.5 L (in inches)

  • $27.99