Dark Brown Wood Wall Mounted 24-Inch Floating Shadow Boxes, Set of 2

Dramatically bold and modern in design, this floating cubby shelf in rustic brown wood combines contemporary and vintage aesthetics to provide added storage or decorative display space to all types of decor. The short and wide shape creates a focused space ideal for showcasing accent items, such as antiques, small sculptures, or pottery pieces inside much like a shadow box, yet this versatile shelf can also be used for purely practical storage using both the inner area as well as the top shelf. Place several in a columned array in the kitchen to create a modern alternative to the cupboard for storing small cups and dishes, or add in staggered formations to create a stylish display for small collectibles, photos, and artwork. Add depth and display possibilities to any wall space with this rustic and contemporary floating cubby shelf.

Approximate Dimensions (each rack, in inches): 6.7 H × 24 W × 5.9 D.

  • $49.99