Wood 5-Pc Desk Set w/ Pen Tray, Pencil Cup, Memo Pad & Card Holders, Phone Stand

Crafted from gorgeous stone-gray wood, this executive desktop organizer set helps keep work spaces tidy in ruggedly handsome style. Featuring a business card holder for an elegant presentation of cards to visitors and clients, a pen tray to keep favorite writing implements handy, a square pencil cup, memo pad holder, and phone stand, this ensemble provides a place for essential items while adding a touch of slightly aged charm to the desk. Perfect as a gift for the rookie office worker, the combination of modern design and vintage finish is a great way to set any work area up for success.

Approximate Dimensions (in inches): Pencil Cup - 4.5 H × 3 W × 3 D; Pen Tray - 0.4 H × 5.9 W × 3 D (0.6 D pen channels); Memo Pad Holder - 0.8 H × 3.7 W × 3.7 D (3 W × 3 D inside dimensions); Business Card Holder - 0.8 H × 4 W × 3 D (3.7 W slots); Phone Stand - 1.4 H × 3 W × 2.6 D (0.6 D slots)

  • $19.99