Textured Pattern Copper Tone Metal Round Planter With Bracket Stand

Elevate your plants with modern style with this textured copper metal flower planter pot and stand. Expertly crafted, this brass metal plant stand features crossbar supports, to easily and securely hold the included plant container, while giving it added height. The round planter pot boasts a hammered textured design, adding a unique element to your plant display. Perfect for potted a variety of flowers, greenery, trees, herbs, or succulents, this standing planter pot is ideal for any indoor or outdoor setting in your living room, office, patio, or porch. Its metallic finish and modern design make this copper tone hammered planter pot the perfect addition for any design décor style.

Product Features:

  • Sleek slender metal wire plant stand features metal crossbar supports for securely holding the included planter pot
  • Stylish standing planter adds modern design and vibrant plant life to your living room, office, patio, or porch
  • Modern brass metal plant bracket stand and metal cylinder planter pot with hammered copper tone finish for any home, office or retail setting
  • Copper planter is ideal for holding flowers, greenery, herbs, succulents, and so much more in any indoor or outdoor setting
  • Handcrafted in India

Approximate Dimensions: Overall - 12.1 H x 6.8 W x 6.8 D; Planter - 5.9 H x 6.1 Diameter; Stand - 8.7 H x 6.8 W x 6.8 D (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized