Old Fashioned Whiskey Tumbler Glasses, Set of 2

The deeply satisfying experience of savoring a fine whiskey is further improved with extraordinary glassware.

The design is creating a prismatic effect and a varied surface, makes it easy to hold and swirl the glass. The thin lip facilitates delicate sipping, helping the palate to appreciate the complex flavors.

Whether for enjoying a prized scotch in private, or for serving guests in style, these distinctive tumblers are an ideal complement to your favorite bottles and a wonderful gift idea for the scotch and whiskey lover in your life!

Product Features:

  • A pair of 10 oz old fashioned whiskey glasses
  • Thin lip of glass allows delicate sipping, for better appreciation of complex flavor
  • The unique design creates prismatic effect to impart different hues to the beverage, and makes glass easier to hold
  • **Hand wash only** Whiskey not included.
  • Dimensions (in inches): 3.7 H x 3.7 L x 3.7 W
  • $18.99