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CFML27VLX 27W Light Bulb 4 Pin 6000K 27 Watt - Replacement Bulb for Verilux

Get an energy efficient and cost-effective solution to your lighting needs with this 27W compact fluorescent light bulbs that imitate natural sunlight. These CFL bulbs are a great energy saver that is equivalent to 150 watts of incandescent light, but uses only 27 watts of power, saving you nearly 75% on your energy bill while still being able to enjoy bright, natural light. Each compact fluorescent bulb also lasts approximately 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb, lowering the number of replacements needed. The 6000K color temperature of this bulb produces a bright white hue of light that is closest to natural daylight, great for illuminating any living area in the home, office workspace, kitchens, and businesses. 6000 Kelvin lighting helps to enhance contrast and clarity for detail-oriented tasks while reducing eye strain, perfect for reading, crafting, photography, or working with electronics. Each bulb features a quad linear tube that is designed to evenly distribute light.  

Product Features:

  • Bulb is NOT Verilux; Replacement bulb for the Verilux HappyEyes Desk Lamp and Floor Lamp.
  • Bulb is 6,000K; 27 watts
  • 10,000 hour energy efficient 27W compact fluorescent bulb, equivalent to 150W ordinary bulb!
  • Color Temperature: Daylight 
  • Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Bulb
  • Replacement Bulb CFML27VLX