Vintage White Wall-Mounted Mini Crate Mail Sorter with 3 Key Hooks

This rustic wood mail sorter gives the appearance of a vintage crate and adds charm to your hallway or kitchen. Providing a place to store incoming or outgoing letters, this wall-mounted organizer will keep your mail neat. Featuring 3 hooks for keys or dog leashes, this letter holder is both decorative and functional. The large mail slot can hold magazines or catalogs, and the slatted side of the crate ensures that important letters aren't forgotten.

Product Features:

  • With a 9-inch wide letter slot, this mail sorter holds magazines or catalogs and the slatted design provides clear view of the crate’s contents
  • The 3 vintage-style hooks along the bottom hold key rings, dog leashes, or work lanyards for convenient storage
  • This wall-mounted wooden mail sorter with key hooks features a crate-style and vintage white finish
  • The crate-like design and weathered whitewash finish creates a vintage look

Approximate Dimensions: 4.9 H ◊ 10.3 W ◊ 3 L (in inches)