Wall-Mounted Torched Wood Paper Towel Dispenser

The ideal compliment to any space in close proximity to a sink or washroom, this rustic wall-mounted dowel dispenser saves space and makes a nice decorative accent. Perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms or public restrooms where a high amount of traffic can leave paper towels messy and disorganized. The convenient bottom slot allows for easy removal of paper towels, ensuring a smooth single use every time, while the open top design makes it easy to refill.

  • A wall mounted paper hand towels made with torched wood
  • The single use bottom access and open top design makes it easy to use and refill
  • Accommodates popular disposable big fold, C-fold and multi-fold paper towels
  • Crafted from natural wood with a torched wood finish for a rustic look
  • Dimensions:  11.6 L x 4.4 W x 7.5 H (in inches)