Rectangular 14 inch Ceramic Planter Pot

This versatile unglazed ceramic planter makes planting fun and goes well with any kind of plant and home decor!

Large enough for creative flower or plant arrangements, it is still well-suited for use in tight spaces, on counter tops, or work desks. Two drainage holes in the bottom of the planter help prevent overwatering, and the removable drip tray contains excess water, allowing worry-free use on furniture or shelves.

A simple yet stunning planter, that goes with anything!

Product Features:

  • Modern unglazed ceramic planter pot
  • Bring clean lines and minimalist style to your home decor!
  • Featuring ample potting room, removable draining tray, and 2 draining holes to help promote healthy plant life
  • Perfectly displays live potted plants, flowers, or even home decor
  • Decorative accent with minimalist design makes this pot ideal for small spaces such as desktops, shelves, windowsills, and counter tops
  • Dimensions (in inches): Overall - 14.6 L x 5.1 H x 6.1 D; Planter Box - 14 L x 4.1 H X 5.5 D; Saucer - 14.6 L x 1 H x 6.1 D
  • $31.99