Wristwatch Display Case, Walnut Wood Tabletop Watch Storage with Wooden Pedestal Risers and Clear Acrylic Lid

Keep your watches beautifully organized and displayed with this solid walnut wood rectangular display and storage case with clear acrylic lid. The three individual removable hexagonal pedestal forms each have an etched hourglass image and fit snuggly into the corresponding groves to securely display and hold your watches while helping it them keep their shape. The clear acrylic lid allows the watches to be easily seen while keeping them protected from scratches and dust. Acrylic lid can be easily removed to try on watches or make your daily selection. Simply place on any table, countertop, dresser, vanity, or display case surface to stylishly showcase your watches with this clear acrylic display case with walnut wooden base and riser forms.

Product Features:

  • Clear lid keeps your pieces protected from scratches or dust, while allowing them to be easily viewed; Place case on top of a dresser, vanity, nightstand, retail shelf or in a display case to highlight each piece of jewelry
  • Made of solid walnut wood; Actual color and wood grain may vary due to natural materials and color finish processing
  • This premium solid walnut wood rectangular display case features wooden display pedestals and clear acrylic lid, for retail or home display
  • The 3 removable hexagonal pedestal forms have an etched hourglass image, for storing and displaying watches
  • Watches not included

Approximate Dimensions: Base - 11.6 L x 4.8 W x 0.8 H; Pedestals - 2.0 L x 1.8 W x 2.4 H; Lid - 11.2 L x 4.4 W x 2.9 H (in inches). Unfortunately, this product cannot be customized

Regular Price, $10.99