Shabby Chic Wall Mounted White Washed Wood Framed Chalkboard, White

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Brand MyGift
Write messages, make grocery lists or jot down ideas with this wall mounted vintage style wood chalkboard. A durable rustic wooden frame lets you easily mount this blackboard onto any wall with ease. It can even be displayed horizontally or vertically to create optimal chalkboard space. A rustic distressed finish adds character to this elegant chalkboard. With its antique style and versatile functionality, there are so many places this mountable chalkboard can go. Hang it in your kitchen from writing recipes, menus or grocery lists. Keep it in your bedroom for motivational quotes, workout schedules or important events. Jot down notes or scribble memos to in your entryway so you never forget your keys or that soccer game at 6:00 P.M. Display it in your workspace for weekly goals, meetings or to let your coworkers know when you are on vacation. Hang it in your boutique or restaurant for sales, menu specials or store hours. So go ahead and hang this chalkboard anywhere to quickly add organization and shabby chic charm to any space.

**Official MyGift® product**

Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 35.5 H X 23.75 W X 1.25 D.

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More Information
Brand MyGift
Color White washed
Color_Map White

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