10 Egg-citing Easter Activities for Kids!

Easter is just around the corner, and it's time to hop into some egg-citing activities with your little ones! Whether you're celebrating at home or hosting an Easter gathering, here are ten fun-filled activities to keep the kids entertained and in the holiday spirit.


1. Egg Decorating Extravaganza

Set up a station with hard-boiled eggs, paint, markers, stickers, and other decorative materials. Let the kids unleash their creativity and decorate eggs to their heart's content. From traditional designs to imaginative creations, every egg will be a masterpiece! Find more fun ways to decorate eggs with A Crafted Passion.


2. Easter Egg Hunt

What's Easter without an egg hunt? Hide plastic eggs filled with treats around your backyard or indoor space. Provide baskets for the kids to collect the eggs, and watch as they eagerly search high and low for their treasures. Check out these 45 Best Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for  A Family-Friendly Search.


3. Easter Crafts Galore

Get crafty with Easter-themed art projects. From making paper bunny masks to creating colorful Easter cards for family and friends, there's no shortage of crafty fun. You can also try making Easter bonnets or wreaths using paper plates, ribbons, and faux flowers. You could even try these adorable origami bunnies and 72 Easy Easter Crafts.


4. Bunny Hop Relay Race

Organize a bunny hop relay race where kids must hop like bunnies to the finish line. Set up cones or markers to create a course, and divide the kids into teams. The team that completes the race first wins a special Easter prize! Check out 8 Fun and Creative Easter Games for even more fun games for the family.


5. Easter Story Time

Gather the little ones for a cozy Easter story time session. Choose classic Easter tales or books about springtime and new beginnings. Encourage interactive storytelling by asking questions and engaging the kids in discussions about the stories. Need ideas for books? Take a look at The Best Easter Books for Your Little Bunny's Basket for more ideas.


6. Easter Egg Bowling

Turn plastic eggs into bowling pins and use a larger egg or a ball as the bowling ball. Set up a makeshift bowling alley using empty bottles or cardboard tubes as pins. Let the kids take turns rolling the ball and knocking down the "pins" for some egg-citing fun. Look at these adorable DIY Bowling Bunny Set from Handmade Charlotte. 


7. Easter-themed Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt with clues leading to hidden Easter-themed prizes or treats. You can incorporate riddles, puzzles, or simple clues that guide the kids from one location to the next. Make it even more exciting by adding in challenges or obstacles along the way. The Savvy Sparrow has adorable Printable Scavenger Hunts so the work is already done for you!


8. DIY Egg Shakers

Put those leftover plastic eggs to good use by turning them into musical instruments. Fill the eggs with rice, beans, or small bells, and seal them shut with tape. Then, let the kids shake, rattle, and roll as they make their own egg shakers and create music together. Try these Egg Maracas with Made Everyday with Dana.


9. Easter-themed Baking

Get your little bakers involved in the kitchen with some Easter-themed treats. From decorating sugar cookies shaped like bunnies and chicks to baking hot cross buns or carrot cake muffins, there are plenty of delicious delights to whip up together. Need some ideas? Check out these 20 Beautiful Easter Dessert Recipes for easter filled baked goods.


10. Egg Toss Challenge

Set up pairs of kids and give each pair a raw egg. Have them stand a short distance apart and take turns tossing the egg to each other. The goal is to catch the egg without breaking it. Increase the distance between partners for an added challenge! Don't forget to check out some standard rules before beginning your game,


With these egg-cellent Easter activities, you're sure to have a hopping good time with the kids. Whether you're hunting for eggs, getting crafty with decorations, or indulging in sweet treats, Easter is a wonderful opportunity to make cherished memories with your little ones. Happy Easter! 

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