Jewelry Organizers

It can be tough to organize all your bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other precious jewelry with style! Thankfu. . . Read More →

It can be tough to organize all your bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other precious jewelry with style! Thankfully, there are plenty of jewelry organizing options out there if you are bored of your boring old jewelry box! 

How to organize jewelry

The good news: Organizing jewelry can be easy with the right jewelry organizer! Find the right storage option for your space and your collection:

  • Wall mounted jewelry organizer are a wonderful way to add plenty of jewelry storage options on small space, keep your countertops and vanity organized, and free up drawer space. Most wall jewelry organizer offer hanging jewelry organizer to hang necklaces and bracelets, and even slots for earrings. Some also include a shelf for additional pieces and decoration!
  • Jewelry holder stands are a useful option if you have plenty of countertop or vanity space or want to showcase your pieces in a boutique or retail environment. These jewelry stands can be found in almost every style, from modern to vintage. Most offer options to hang necklaces any length and find the right spot to present and store bracelets and other jewelry pieces.
  • Earring organizers make it easy to find the right earring for your outfit and never lose the second earring of a pair.
  • Just as jewelry stands, jewelry trays are perfect for use on a dresser or countertop. They make it easy to keep your jewelry in one place without having to open the right drawer or searching for an open slot in your jewelry organizer!

How to find the perfect jewelry organizer

  • When searching for the perfect jewelry organizing solution, knowing your style and space is the key.
  • Will a modern jewelry organizer be the right choice for your room or would you like a vintage inspired piece?
  • Go for a jewelry stand or a tray when you have plenty of counter space or use the jewelry display for your retail business.
  • A wall mounted jewelry organizer on the other hand is perfect for small spaces!

At MyGift, we offer a wide range of jewelry organizer solution that fit your style and budget. Check out this article for more inspiration on how to store your jewelry!

How do I make my own jewelry stand?

There's loads of great content if you'd like to make your own jewelry organizer, but if you'd like to make things easier, you can buy one from MyGift! We offer free shipping on all orders over $25!

If you're looking to organize your jewelry collection, MyGift also has a range of jewelry trees, necklace holders and earring holders.

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