Last Minute Fathers Day Ideas

Your hero, your advice guy, the one you call when your sink is broken or if you need to change a tire, countless fishing trips, playing catch, and always quick with a good “dad joke”, the memories are endless and why not add a bit more appreciation this Father’s Day for dad. No matter if you are celebrating with your Father, Grandfather, Husband, Father-in-Law, Brother or Friend, here are some ideas to up your game this Father’s Day.


Child mowing lawn


Sometimes a small gesture can go a long way. Keep in mind all the things Dad does on a regular day and pitch in to help:

  • Walk the dog
  • Take out the trash
  • Clean up the yard
  • Wash his car
  • Organize his work bench
  • Clean the grill


Father and child fishing


Spend some time doing Dad’s favorite activities or try something new:

  • Go fishing
  • Take him on a hike
  • Make him breakfast in bed
  • Play sports or watch his favorite sport
  • Go boating
  • Play a board game


Paper Craft Green Car and Scissors


Dad’s always appreciate a thoughtful DIY gift:

  • Fun quotes or sayings framed in a photo
  • Draw a picture
  • Make a photo album
  • Create your own Father’s Day card
  • Make his favorite snack or dessert
  • Gather his favorite beers and make him a bouquet

We are curious: What are you doing for Father's Day? How are you surprising dad?