13-Inch Torched Wood Lazy Susan Turntable

Use this lazy susan turntable in a cabinet or on the dining table, this torched wood accessory is helpful for crafting, serving, and organizing. The stylish weathered finish complements rustic decors and the 13-inch diameter makes it easy to use in cupboards to make spices more accessible.

Ideal for decorating small cakes or holding large serving platters as the rotating function allows you to access all sides seamlessly. The ball bearing base provides smooth operation and allows the turntable to be used with heavy items.

Product Features:

  • Perfect for serving snacks or desserts, this turntable is also ideal for making condiments easy to reach on the dining table while hosting
  • The large ball-bearing base ensures smooth operation and supports heavy items
  • The 13-inch round wooden lazy susan with ball-bearing base features a distressed barnwood-inspired finish
  • This turntable easily spins for quick access to condiments, snacks or spices

SPECS: 2 H × 12.8 Diameter (in inches)

Regular Price, $29.99